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Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)

Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) are statements containing indications describing when, and how often an intervention should be performed under the auspices of scientific evidence, clinical judgment, and patient values while avoiding unnecessary provisions of services. 

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Brain Imaging Procedure Standards

Procedure standards help identify elements of the procedure that are most important in obtaining a high-quality examination, while simultaneously controlling costs. Use of procedure standards will increase the applicability of clinical research among multiple institutions, in turn, increasing the value of research studies, particularly in the field of technology assessment. In the interest of creating strong, comprehensive documents, some standards were formally adopted by SNMMI in collaboration with other professional organizations.

New IDEAS Study

The New Imaging Dementia—Evidence for Amyloid Scanning (New IDEAS) Study is an ongoing clinical trial that examines how amyloid PET scans can help in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. To meet the needs of the study, investigators are particularly interested in enrolling patients who are Black or African American and Hispanic or Latino.

The trial is currently recruiting both imaging centers and dementia sites. Sites that are interested in participating should take a 10-minute questionnaire to determine eligibility.

New! Amyloid Imaging Library

With the potential increased usage of amyloid imaging to qualify patients for anti-amyloid antibody therapy, SNMMI developed a product to give physicians practice in interpreting the three FDA-approved amyloid tracers. This library contains full DICOM cases including PET, CT and/or MR images. The workflow allows the learner to manipulate the images, and review the history, findings, and conclusions for the study. 

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Reader Training Courses

Reader training is available at no cost from these providers:

  • Training from Life Molecular Imaging for Neuraceq
  • Training from GE Healthcare for Vizamyl
  • Training from Lilly Diagnostics for Amyvid
  • Training from Lilly Diagnostics for Tauvid


View the most recent content from The Journal of Nuclear Medicine (JNM) and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology (JNMT)related to amyloid imaging. 

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Access JNMT amyloid imaging content.

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