SNMMI Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Understanding diversity, equity and inclusion issues and challenges within the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging community will require an understanding of the root causes for such disparities within the field. While SNMMI has always strived to be an inclusive and diverse organization, we recognize that there is still significant work to be done, not only within our community but in medicine in general. SNMMI has created a new task force, under the leadership of Hyewon Hyun, MD, to more intentionally embrace diversity and equity into its organizational values and as a way to intentionally enact change.

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Meet your DE&I Task Force and learn more about how you can participate in this initiative as an SNMMI member. 

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Education and Resources

Access best practices, on-demand recordings of SNMMI DE&I sessions, and suggested resources from task force members. 

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Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars or register for these upcoming DE&I events (virtual and in-person) hosted by SNMMI.

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SNMMI Official DE&I Statement

The Task Force developed an SNMMI DE&I Statement to communicate SNMMI’s vision and commitment to eliminate all forms of discrimination and to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the organization and for all its stakeholders. We urge all nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals to commit to this statement and to support and actively participate in these efforts. 
At SNMMI, we are proud to celebrate diversity and to champion an inclusive, safe, and welcoming environment that respects each member of our professional and patient community, regardless of such considerations as race or ethnicity, national or geographic background, sexual orientation or gender identity, religious or political beliefs, age, socioeconomic circumstances, and ability or disability.

We recognize that discrimination, violence, and aggression affect the lives of millions of people in the United States and around the world every day. As nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals, we are committed to promoting a diverse community that is dedicated to equity and excellence in research, education, patient care, and service. SNMMI is dedicated to eliminating disparities based on race or any other form of discrimination, within the membership and leadership of the Society, by raising awareness, promoting advocacy, improving representation, and creating intentional educational programs. 

                                                            Celebrate Diversity in SNMMI’s Membership

                                                            SNMMI's Diversity Social at the 2022 Annual Meeting