SNMMI Wellness Initiative
Self Care Improves Patient Care

Our members’ work is constantly focused on improving the lives of others, from direct contact with patients to re-imagining the possibilities of healthcare. In the daily efforts of working for others, it’s too easy to overlook caring for yourself. The SNMMI Wellness Initiative has been designed to provide SNMMI members an avenue to combat the very real burn-out impacting the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of health care professionals around the world.
Use the resources below to help cope with the five critical factors to your mental and physical health:

      Burn Out
For those on the front lines, a year of no work/life balance, no time for self-care, and a prolonged period of stress is causing a very real threat of burnout. Even in normal circumstances, those in the medical profession—clinical, research, education, or industry— often have demanding workdays in a high-pressure environment.
  Emotional and Mental Exhaustion
Considering the constant stress of a high pressure field, it's completely understandable if you've been feeling overwhelmed or emotionally drained. Constantly being in a bad news environment with little to no cogitative breaks can take a tremendous toll on your psyche. For many nuclear medicine professionals, the sheer volume of responsibilities may cause mental fatigue that can lead to other health concerns.
  Guilt and Anxiety
For those in a high-stress profession, feelings of guilt and anxiety are common. Guilt from being away from family or the feeling of not being able to do enough for those in your care. Anxiety over problems too big for one person to fix. Added stressors from Covid-19 may exacerbate these feelings and, if not managed, can become a serious threat for mental health.
There have been several studies about the increase in depression among physicians with growing concerns about the culture of the medicine and professional viewpoints on mental illness. As depression may be more prevalent among medical students and younger physicians, it's important to identify factors and warning signs to get help early.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused another epidemic, loneliness. Loss of connection and the feeling of isolation can create a negative impact on the emotional and physical health. Your association can be a great resource in combating loneliness, connecting you with a community of shared purpose and understanding.

Recommended Resources

When thinking about self care and a focus on your personal well being, there are several resources already available that can help!

There's an App for That

Take a Break
List of resources for better sleep and meditation guides:


Share Your Story

It's important for our members to know they aren't alone. Talking openly about this topic is an important step in addressing the underlying problem facing many healthcare workers around the world. This member community is designed to support and listen. Share your story here, anonymously if it helps, to help us spread awareness and spotlight additional coping mechanisms for these difficult issues.