Welcome to the SNMMI Lu-177 Dosimetry Challenge 2021

The SNMMI Dosimetry Task Force has the primary goal of advancing the use of dosimetry in radiopharmaceutical therapy (RPT). It has identified the need for harmonization of dosimetry methods as an area of focus. Although efforts to harmonize and standardize internal dosimetry calculations have been made, there has been a lack of large-scale studies to on which to justify recommendations. The Task Force is thus soliciting members of the nuclear medicine community to contribute to the 177Lu Dosimetry Challenge.
Community science effort to provide data needed for harmonization and standardization of dosimetry methods for Radiopharmaceutical Therapy. 

There is a lack of data on best practices and methods and the variability of dosimetry results among practitioners. This complicates the goal of achieving reimbursement for dosimetry. Harmonization and standardization of dosimetry methods for radiopharmaceutical therapy will benefit patients. 

Teams will be given access to common sets of patient image and metadata and submit dosimetry results. The data will be analyzed to determine sources and magnitude of variability. Data from teams will only be reported in aggregate, but all participating teams will be acknowledged.

Academics, industry representatives, clinical practitioners and anyone with ability and interest in performing radiopharmaceutical therapy dosimetry are invited to participate.

Dosimetry Challenge Team

Yuni Dewaraja, PhD
University of Michigan 
   Eric Frey, PhD
Johns Hopkins University 
   John Sunderland, PhD
University of Iowa 
   Carlos Uribe, PhD, MCCPM
BC Cancer