Technologist Math and Science Combo

Technologist Math and Science Combo

Save 10% on the Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine: The Bare Bone Essentials and Practical Mathematics in Nuclear Medicine Technology, 2nd Edition, when you purchase them together as part of this new technologist-focused combo package.

This combo includes:

An essential tool for technologist students, Practical Mathematics in Nuclear Medicine Technology helps enhance basic math skills within nuclear medicine technology and increases general knowledge of statistics, radiation safety, instrumentation, radiotherapy and clinical procedures. Informative word problems and explanations throughout the publication help your students prepare for the CNMT exam and real-life situations. 

Through concise, straightforward explanations and supporting graphics that bring abstract concepts to life, the Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine—the Bare Bone Essentials is an ideal tool for nuclear medicine technologist students and nuclear cardiology fellows looking for an introduction to the fundamentals of the physics and technologies of modern day nuclear medicine.  

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