Quick Reference Protocol Manual for NM Technologists

Quick Reference Protocol Manual for NM Technologists

Mary Beth Farrell, MS, CNMT, NCT, FSNMMI-TS, Editor
Eleanor S. Mantel, CNMT, NCT, RT(N), FSNMMI-TS
Danny A. Basso, CNMT, NCT, FSNMMI-TS
Kathy S. Thomas, MHA, CNMT, PET, FSNMMI-TS
Bryan R. Kerr, CNMT, PET, NCT, RT(N)(CT)(ARRT)

Targeting technologists specifically, this manual is designed to be a quick reference for technologists to aid in performing the most common nuclear medicine procedures ordered by a referring physician.

Each protocol lists the essential information for the procedure, including clinical indications and contraindications; patient preparation and education/instructions; radiopharmaceutical identity, dose, and route of administration; specific information about non-radioactive drugs used in the procedure; camera-specific setup and acquisition instructions; patient position; computer-specific processing instructions; display/PACs instructions; labeling instructions, adjunct imaging/interventions, and precautions.

The Quick Reference Protocol Manual for Nuclear Medicine Technologists features protocols for 71 nuclear medicine procedures, including:

Cardiovascular System
Central Nervous System
Endocrine System
Gastrointestinal System
Genitourinary system
Hematopoietic, Reticuloendothelial, and Lymphatic Systems
Infection and Inflammation
Skeletal System
Pulmonary system

ISBN: 978-0-932004-88-8; 344 pp
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