Quick-Reference Protocol Manual for Nuc Med Techs (2d ed)

Quick-Reference Protocol Manual for Nuc Med Techs (2d ed)

This book of protocols is created specifically for technologists; it harmonizes with the accepted guidelines for the procedures included but is written as a complementary reference source to serve the practical needs of technologists. It will assist technologists in providing the best possible patient care and image quality.

The 2nd edition includes 28 new protocols and 71 updated protocols, for a total of 99 protocols. Systems covered include cardiovascular system; central nervous system; endocrine system; gastrointestinal system; genitourinary system; hematopoietic, reticuloendothelial, and lymphatic systems; infection and inflammation; labeling; oncology; skeletal system; pulmonary system; and therapy, with an introduction covering fundamental practices common to every procedure.

Each protocol is a reliable resource listing essential information for the procedure, including rationale and introduction; indications and contraindications; patient preparation; type and amount of radiopharmaceutical to be used; acquisition parameters, instructions, and common options; processing instructions; and precautions. All protocols are presented in a standard, easy-to-read, understandable format.

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