Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Centers of Excellence

SNMMI designated Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Centers of Excellence have affirmed that they have the training, personnel, equipment, and experience needed to manage patients requiring radiopharmaceutical therapy. This designation will help assure patients, their families, referring physicians, and payors that these centers have the qualifications, experience, and performance criteria to be designated a Comprehensive Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Center, Clinical Radiopharmaceutical Therapy Center, or Registered Therapy Center. All centers have been vetted by our group of experts in radiopharmaceutical therapy.

We are currently accepting applications from centers based in the United States, its territories, and Canada.

For program questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Designated Clinical Centers of ExcellenceDesignated Comprehensive Centers of Excellence

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Educational Resources

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Our Vision

Ensuring patients have reliable access to high quality radiopharmaceutical therapy, well-integrated into their pathway of care, delivered by highly qualified therapy teams, at technically qualified sites, and led by physicians appropriately trained in nuclear medicine acting as the patient’s “nuclear oncologist.”

  • Patients will be carefully evaluated for their suitability for radiopharmaceutical therapy, including in-person assessments in a clinical setting.
  • Treatment providers are suitably qualified by training, experience, and appropriate board certification, both to deliver the relevant radiopharmaceutical therapy and to use relevant imaging methods and equipment to assess patients before, during, and after radiopharmaceutical therapy. Providers must maintain CME.
  • Patients will have follow-up care with deep engagement of the treating physicians and/or the broader therapy team.
  • A team of experts, including nuclear medicine and molecular imaging, pathology, endocrinology, urology, social work, physics, and other relevant domain care exists.
  • Procedure frequency is sufficiently high in both relevant imaging methods and therapy procedures to assure continued excellence as evidenced by experience. (Clinical and Comprehensive Centers)
  • Sites have access to imaging with both PET/CT and SPECT/CT for all imageable therapeutic radionuclides used at the site. (Comprehensive Centers)
  • Dosimetry (if applicable) is performed with the engagement of a qualified medical dosimetry professional using methods that are standardized and validated. (Comprehensive Centers)
  • Sites are actively involved in radiopharmaceutical therapy research activities. (Comprehensive Centers)